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What Actually Is Web Development?

What Actually is Web Development

What Actually Is Web Development?

In a nutshell, web development is the building of a website and its maintenance thereafter. It is everything you can’t see that goes on behind the scenes, creating a user experience that flows smoothly and attends to hiccups that may arise unexpectedly.

Who Does Web Development?

This is done by web developers who use various coding languages, depending on the task at hand, and can generally be broken down into front and back-end development.

Front-end development consists of the visual aspects of the website such as the menu and text. This boils down to the design, layout, and interactivity of the website.

The engineering of what you cannot see is called back-end development. This includes where the data is stored, host servers, and a database to run the application.

There are also full-stack developers. These well-rounded professionals must be able to work both the front and back-end development and can step in at any stage to handle the entire application.

Programming Language

The most used programming languages are:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript

These are the basic tools most commonly used in web development, although there are many others such as Java, PHP, and Python amongst others.

The key is selecting the right programming language to suit the project and team. However the extent of programming ability, attention to detail, and creative thinking are also soft skills one must factor in to be successful in web development.

Web Development for Business

A website is such a crucial aspect of any business these days. It is important to a business’s success that they build and maintain a properly functioning and beautifully designed website. Modern businesses not only need to sell products or their services but they must also allow for an interactive platform to draw consumers in and provide a seamless customer experience that encourages consumers to come back to the website again.

To fulfil this, web developers must constantly work on the website to keep it up to date. The need for a fresh design, real-time support, and maintenance should be at the forefront for a successful web development project to attract repeat users. Web developers also have to constantly test the website in order to check if the website quality is still consistent.

Web Content Development

Great, so we have the website up and running! What exactly do we fill it with? Web content should be a key point to market your business through text, pictures, audio, or videos and can include anything that will help to represent your business in a positive light. Although, you must ensure that you do not include stock images that have no relation to your products or services.

Web content can start with a good marketing strategy. This includes gathering information such as target demographics, competitors, or information unique to the client.

Next, we analyse the blog topic by looking at a competitor’s website and what drives the most traffic to their website and whether we can outrank them through various methods.

We would also look for other topics to write about and the type of content we want to put out there.

Our goals will vary from client to client and the dependent on how we want to grow their business. For example, we can write a minimum of 2 or more 1000 word articles for each client and look for keywords that receive over 50 searches per month.

Then we begin to write content, usually the longer the better, as it tends to be more informative, and of better quality. The aim is to make the reader enjoy the article and be keen to share it while satisfying the search intent.

But we’re not finished! We want to consider search engine optimisation to make the article more attractive to search engines, as well as the readers. We can consider readability, word count, and relative keywords before publishing the article and even promoting the content. One of the most effective ways is on social media and even via email to get more people to see the article.

Lastly, we repeat the process all over again by making sure that the marketing efforts see results otherwise, it is wiser to move on to another strategy.

The Importance of Web Development

Web development is a sure way to bring awareness to your product or service. It helps consumers understand the relevance of your product and why they need to buy it. It also sets you apart from your competition and highlights your unique selling points.

Building communication with prospects and existing clients is vital in today’s businesses. It provides an opportunity to interact positively with customers and prospects, thus generating income for your business. Customers are able to give you invaluable feedback which helps to produce content directly relating to your industry. You can then post it on your website and share it across all social media fronts responding to comments promptly and effectively. This will bring you closer to your audience and show you care about their satisfaction.

Most people nowadays use multiple devices, whether a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Having strong connectivity is key to expanding customer reach, anywhere and everywhere. A well-designed website will allow you to do this as well as drive traffic and boost exposure.

Consumers gravitate toward legitimate businesses. They want the product or service to be credible and reliable hence a website is one of the most straightforward ways to prove this. You may add your company’s credentials, professional certifications as well as past user reviews as a way to gain confidence amongst visitors. This can effectively produce leads for your business.

All in all, web development, be it in the front or back-end is essential to any business, attaining a certain level of recognition and lead generation. It allows you to be visible on a global platform while remaining closely connected to your audience. It is the most promising marketing function and without it, it would be really hard to justify yourself as a business.

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