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A Guide to Digital Marketing and Consultancy: Choosing the Right Service - PivotTree
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A Guide to Digital Marketing and Consultancy: Choosing the Right Service

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A Guide to Digital Marketing and Consultancy: Choosing the Right Service

Looking for business-enhancing tools and services but not sure where to start? It can be a daunting process in looking at the wide variety of marketing and consultancy services out there and deciding which service suits your business objectives. Which tools can help you to achieve your marketing goals? What kind of services do you require to improve your human resource management? These might be some of the questions that run through your mind as you research on what your business needs. 

If you are looking to enhance your business performance but still figuring out what digital marketing or consultancy service you need, you can refer to a summary of what we offer, how they can benefit you, and what objectives they can help you to fulfil. 

This year, Pivot Tree is rolling out a total of 12 comprehensive services that can help you to bring your game up to the next level:  


Ads have been and will always continue to be a staple in any marketing plan. They help to inform consumers of your product or service offerings and their benefits, and convince them to purchase. Potential customers exposed to repetitive ads with a strong call to action are more likely to convert. There are so many kinds of ads to choose from; printed ads, Google ads, social media ads, video ads, and outdoor ads etc. Create an integrated digital marketing plan that utilises a combination to optimise your reach to your target audience. 

The different kinds of ads help you to achieve different purposes. For example, research has shown that Google ads can help to raise a brand’s top-of-mind awareness up to 80%


  1. Marketing Consultancy 

Marketing can seem like a complex concept as there are so many different ways to achieve different objectives, targeting different pain points on the customer journey. The pressure comes in when you don’t know which tools can help you to achieve your marketing goals in the best way.  

Pivot Tree’s Marketing Consultancy service fills in the gaps with a three-pronged approach; brand audit, marketing strategy, and marketing strategy implementation. From social media channels, to SEO performance, to analytics performance, we will conduct a deep-dive analysis and provide you with concrete recommendations for improvement. Companies can expect an overall  improved brand standing

  1. Human Resource (HR) Consultancy 

HR Consultancy helps companies to establish efficient HR work processes, learning and development opportunities, and proper compliance measures to address organisational challenges. Pivot Tree achieves this through a three-pronged approach; HR Audit, HR Strategy, HR Strategy Implementation. 

Companies can reap benefits from HR consulting. With improved management processes, companies can expect increased productivity levels among employees, smoother recruitment processes, optimal talent management and development, and better appraisal and compensation processes

Content Writing 

From EDMs, to blogs, to press releases, to infographics, good content educates, informs and engages with your target audience. When it comes to content writing, the tonality, information, length of article, choice of words, topics, and story angle all matter. A skilled content writer will be able to produce a good piece of written work taking all these into account.

Impactful content writing can turn existing customers to loyal clients. Content writing creates quality engagements, qualified lead generation, increased likes, shares on social media, and opportunities for SEO

Corporate Branding 

A solid corporate branding strategy can turn heads and capture the attention of your target audience. Corporate branding makes your brand recognisable. From corporate brand colors, to brand elements that become your trademark, to an eye-catching brand logo, corporate branding gives you a strong brand identity and reinforces your brand image.  

A corporate colour palette can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. Consistent branded material can bring up revenue by up to 23%. With consistent corporate branding efforts, your marketing material will also be more effective in increasing brand recall and brand awareness.  

Graphic Design 

We live in a world where people’s attention spans are limited. A good brand logo and captivating printed collaterals are ways that a company can leave a strong first impression on prospective customers. From planning to execution, our graphic designers will ensure that your logos, online postings, or printed artworks will associate well with your brand’s values, vision and mission. 

A good graphic design takes into account typography, visual elements, and colour composition. It provides brand visibility and encourages people to find out more about your brand. 

Leads Generation 

Leads Generation may come across as easy to carry out, but it requires patience, stamina, and time spent to screen and source for qualified leads. Through cold-calling and targeted emails, leads generation can land you with the right connections; prospective customers, possible partners, potential investors. 

An effective lead generation strategy with nurtured leads creates 50% more conversions at 33% cost reductions


From putting up corporate headshots on LinkedIn to collecting archivals of important events, down to food/product advertising, Pivot Tree offers an extensive range of photography services to clients that want to present a professional image to the public. Create good first impressions with a good photo. 


Optimal keyword generation, copywriting, results-driven title tags, and URL improvements are some of the ways of SEO management. SEO requires detailed observation and constant updates to the most impactful keywords that should be used for your brand.

Improving your SEO performance leads to more organic website traffic, greater brand awareness, qualified leads, and higher page ranking

Social Media 

An impactful design followed by a good caption can go a long way. Social media services encompass topic conceptualisation, execution, posting, and performance evaluation. 

Strategic social media planning allows companies to engage with their target audience, inform them of their products and services, generate interest, and increase brand awareness while encouraging conversions


Video ads can engage viewers thrice as much as compared to static images. With videography, leverage on their high ability to create engagement with your target audiences. Videos provide you with opportunities to present your company in a positive light. They help you to paint a story about your brand. Some of the services Pivot Tree offers include corporate videography, property and advertising shoots. 

Virtual Assistance 

Virtual Assistance services can be used to generate leads, ensure that no phone calls are missed, make cold calls, and respond to emails among many others. Your virtual assistant will be equipped with expert knowledge in the specific fields that you require for your business. 

With virtual assistance, you can focus on crucial areas of your business without having to worry about generating or nurturing leads. This helps with increasing overall productivity among your employees. 

Web & App Development 

Web and App Development enables your company to have an effective business platform, accessible to both desktop and mobile users. It is essential to build an effective website and app to ensure that they efficiently tell your brand story. An easy-to-navigate and memorable web and app interface can aid you in standing out from your competitors and increase your brand recall

Now that you understand a little better what each service offers, pick the one that speaks to your company and check out our services in more detail here

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